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Recreational Marina & RV Parks Rules

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Reminder About Electrical System Upgrades

The Port of Newport has been undergoing much-needed upgrades to the electrical system that supplies the docks in the South Beach Marina since the spring of 2021. Part of this work is a replacement of breakers in the marine power pedestals with GFI protected breakers. GFI protection is now REQUIRED by the National Electrical Code (NEC).

What does GFI protection mean for you?

GFI protection means a safer electrical system, and it reduces the chances of stray current in the water and on the docks. These code changes were made because of instances of electric shock drowning around the country resulting from stray current.

The GFI protection at the power pedestal is set at 13 milliamps in accordance with the NEC. This means that our system will be very sensitive to electrical faults and back-feeds from your vessel. The intent of this code requirement is to raise awareness of electrical faults and prompt owners to make repairs immediately.

The Port has been replacing the old, unprotected breakers with ground fault protected breakers since the fall of 2021. Be aware that as we replace the breakers, if your vessel has a fault or back-feed strong enough to trip the device, your vessel may go without power until you repair the problem.

Please review Section 3 and Section 6 of your moorage license agreement as well as Sections 2.25 and 2.29 of the Port Facilities Code.

The safekeeping of vessels moored at the Port of Newport is the responsibility of the vessel owners. The Port does NOT guarantee the continuity of electric service to any vessel, the characteristics of any service that is provided, or the characteristics of the vessel service breaker.