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Port Dock 5 Pier Access

Port Dock 5 Pier sign.

The Port is completing a 2-year planning effort to design a new Pier for the Port Dock 5 complex at the heart of the Commercial Marina. This will replace the 50 year old wooden pier and is the gateway to future expansion in the marina. Construction is set to begin in the fall of 2019, depending on funding.

The pier that approaches Port Dock 5 at the Port of Newport is a vintage late 1960’s structure made of creosote treated timber pilings and planks. It is the main artery to the shoreline for all the fishing vessels moored at Port Dock 5, and it has reached the end of its lifespan. After finding signs of severe deterioration, the Port has undertaken a three-year planning effort to replace the structure, and is in the final stages of engineering prior to construction. The replacement structure will be a more environmentally friendly pier with fewer pilings made of steel, and topped with a pre-form concrete slabs complete with a stormwater collection system. It will establish driving access all the way to the Port Dock 5 ramp, and will be a hearty backbone for the future of Port Dock 5.

Port Dock 5 Pier Replacement FactsNewport’s Port Dock 5 Pier: A Bridge to Industry and a Gateway to the FuturePort Dock 5 Conceptual Alternatives Analysis Sumary Report.pdfNewport Dock 5 Final Plan Set.pdfPort Dock 5 Technical Specs.pdf