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South Beach Recreational Marina Rates and Fees

Effective July 1, 2022

A.  Moorage Rates Per linear foot.

Charge based on boat or slip length, whichever is greater. Charge at F‐Dock based on boat length, for boats 24' or longer.

Daily - $0.96

Weekly - $5.96

Monthly - $17.79

SemiAnnual - $55.70

Annual - $87.38

Cancellation Fee for Semi‐Annual or Annual Moorage

30 days or more before check‐in date - $63.21

Less than 30 days before check‐in, or early check‐out - $125.19

Live aboard Per Person, requires pre authorization and contract - $95.37

Monthly Live aboard Electrical surcharge - $38.23

Moorage Discounts only one discount per customer

Those over 65, Veterans that are currently active, honorably discharged or retired military in good standing* with the Port (South Beach only) - 5.0%

* Must have a current signed Moorage License agreement, Insurance must be up to date, vessel registration must be current, vessel navigable, and moorage prepaid with no past due amounts.


Want to live aboard your vessel?

Stop by the South Beach RV Park Office, 2120 SE Marine Science Drive, between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., and request a liveaboard. Port staff will inform you of liveaboard availability. If there is availability, you will have to pay for a background check and credit check. Based on the reports, the Port may authorize your request. If authorized, you will need to submit a Moorage License Agreement, and provide proof of current registration and insurance.

Liveaboard Moorage License Agreement

MLA Form Fillable.pdf


*Payment of one year of moorage, proof of insurance, and payment of utility fee required. *


Plan to sell your liveaboard vessel?

Please notify the Port of Newport if you plan to sell your vessel. You are responsible for all liveaboard charges, even if you have sold your vessel, until the Port has been notified, and the new owner’s Moorage License Agreement has been approved.

*Current liveaboard status on the vessel does not guarantee liveaboard or slip for the new owner of the vessel. *

Please note no refunds will be processed, until the Port receives the new owner’s payment for moorage.


B.  South Beach Charter Rates.

Annual Moorage, per linear foot - $77.53

Charter License - $417.27

C.  Dock Box. - $447.03

D.  Service Fee Reimbursement.  See Portwide

For electric pedestal amperage overloads, and GFCI trips (2 or more in a 60 day period)   Emergency call out may also apply

E.   Electrical Upgrade. - $119.23

From 20 to 30 amp. One time

F.   Line Replacement. Per foot, per time - $1.81

G.  Launch Fee

1.  Daily - $9.00   

2.  Annual

a.    Resident - $117.60

b.    Resident Senior (60+) - $80.00

c.    Non‐resident - $167.92

d.    Non‐resident Senior (60+) - $142.72

e.    Military Veterans, Disabled, Retired or Active Duty; with ID proof - $80.00

H.  Parking

a.     Daily - $5.00

b.    Annual Pass - $45.00

I.  Net & Gear Maintenance. - $24.71

Boat crew is responsible for clean‐up. If Port Employees are required to clean up area, the boat account will be billed at the established hourly labor rate + current garbage disposal rate

J.  Keys/Cards.

1.  South Beach Facilities. Cards

a.  First card (and/or Original) - Free

b. Replacement/additional - $20.00

K. Annual MLA Wait List Fee ‐ Initial - $25.00

Renewal of annual wait list fee (charged annually on July 1 of each year) - $10.00