Preparing the Dredge Spoil Site

Big River, a sub-contractor to Bergerson Construction, has started work on the dredge spoil site in South Beach. First they checked all the silt fences and put up new sections where it was needed. They are excavating the secondary settling pond and reinforcing the walls with that material. The excavator is also digging out the weir boxes to get them ready. The weir boxes allow water through while holding back the sediment. There are slots on the weirs to add boards to as needed as the level of sediment rises.

               The big D8 Caterpillar had to fill in the area that was hauled away by the City of Newport and various contractors over the past year. Now they are rebuilding the walls and shaping the primary settling pond where the dredge spoils will first arrive. The spoils will come by pipeline from a dredge on a barge at the work site in front of the NOAA pier.

               The dredge itself is now expected to arrive with the barge the second week of January.