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A. Dockage Charges. Rate per day, by length

Commercial Fishing and Other Exceptions - $1.81

B. Forklift

Forklift and Labor have a 1 hour minimum, thereafter are billed in 30 minute increments.  For after hours work, travel time and/or overtime charges may apply.

1. Small. Toyotas. (equipment only) - $95.41

2. Large. (per Hour) - $118.77

C. Hydraulic Crane. - 

$290.77 for Equipment and labor. 50-ton capacity, per hour, 1 hour minimum 

D. Commercial Fishing Wharfage Fees (Not Considered Cargo)

Squid and Live Crab - $0.04

Crab for Cooked market* - $0.04

Other Seafood - $0.04

*Dependant on Market Conditions

E. Electricity.

Per day charge

1. NIT Dock (regardless of voltage) - $23.34

2. 120v, not on Port Docks - $10.09

F. Storage.

1. NIT Lot Storage

a. Per Square foot, monthly Charge - $0.41

b. Minimum monthly Charges - $39.43

2. Emergency Storage Fee. Per day, billed as guest. - $41.60

1st day free, for vehicles, boats or trailers prior to being considered unclaimed property in possession (ORS 98.245).

3. Charge for improper use of parking lot, per day - $31.24

G. International Terminal Meeting Room.

1. Half day - $54.18

2. Full day - $108.30

Keys must be obtained and returned. Certain waivers by management

H. Per Gallon Fuel Surcharge -. $0.05

I. Per Day Port Security Fee. (§I.13). - $1,153.94

J. Materials & Supplies. (§I.31) - Cost plus $.33

K. Net & Gear Maintenance. - $31.80

Boat crew is responsible for clean‐up. If Port Employees are required to clean up area, the boat account will be billed at the established hourly labor rate + garbage disposal rate (7‐Day Max)

L. Water,  City rate + % Fee -- 7.50%

M. Parking 

1. Monthly - $25.00

2. Annual - $100.00

N. Disposal Fees.

1. Recycle Fees - $3.39

Includes bilge water, anti freeze, fuels, and oil

2. Net Disposal and/or Related Gear, per pound $0.30

3. Garbage, Per tote, Minimum charge: $103.70

O. Port Labor

Includes all staff and fully burdened. Per hour, one hour minimum, in 15 minute increments.

1. Regular Hours - $74.75

2. Overtime - $116.23

Any services required outside the established working hours, unless otherwise posted.

3. Emergency Call-out - $141.45

Any services requiring a Port employee not currently on duty to report to duty after hours, travel time to and from Port will be charged

P. Truck Toll, per axle - $8.95

Vehicles with a Commercial Motor Vehicle Classification of Class 6 Or higher (GVWR of 19,501 lbs or above) 

Q. Leased Space

1. Office space (per month) - $1,244.40

2. Supply Shacks - TBD

R. Tug Moorage - TBD

S. Hoist Docks

Tie up fee, per hour, includes use of hoist

One hour minimum, up to three hours - $54.73

More than 3.01 hours - $65.43

T. Hoist Dock Cranes

In addition to hoist dock rate

Large Capacity. Includes equipment and labor. Per Hour. - $133.46

U. Pump/Line Service. Per Hour - $170.06

Includes two Port employees. Additonal staff will be billed at the established hourly labor rate, minimum of 15 minute staff time (rate begins at time staff leaves the operations building, two employees typically retie or pump a boat)

V.  Work Barge

Includes equipment and labor

1. Work Barge without labor - $35.20

2. Skiff, per hour with labor - $94.10

W. Failure to Register - $155.55

For research related to unregistered boats, per hour, one hour minum, in 15 minute increments. Charged at the established labor rate plus fee