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A. Dockage Charges. Rate per day, by length

Commercial Fishing and Other Exceptions - $1.75

B. Forklift

1. Small. Toyotas. (equipment only) - $90.27

2. Large. (per Hour) - $114.53

Forklift and Labor have a 1 hour minimum, thereafter are billed in 30 minute increments.  For after hours work, travel time and/or overtime charges may apply.

C. Hydraulic Crane. - 

$263.23 for Equipment and labor. 30‐ton capacity, per hour, 1 hour minimum


$280.40 for Equipment and labor. 50-ton capacity, per hour, 1 hour minimum 

D. Commercial Fishing Wharfage Fees (Not Considered Cargo)

Squid and Live Crab - $0.04

Crab for Cooked market* - $0.04

Other Seafood - $0.04

*Dependant on Market Conditions

E. Electricity.

Per day charge

1. NIT Dock (regardless of voltage) - $22.51

2. 120v, not on Port Docks - $9.74

F. Storage.

1. NIT Lot Storage

a. Per Square foot, monthly Charge - $0.41

b. Minimum monthly Charges - $38.02

2. Emergency Storage Fee. Per day, billed as guest. - $40.12

1st day free, for vehicles, boats or trailers prior to being considered unclaimed property in possession (ORS 98.245).

3. Charge for improper use of parking lot, per day - $30.13

G. International Terminal Meeting Room.

1. Half day - $52.25

2. Full day - $104.44

Keys must be obtained and returned. Certain waivers by management

H. Per Gallon Fuel Surcharge -. $0.05

I. Per Day Port Security Fee. (§I.13). - $1,112.77

J. Materials & Supplies. (§I.31) - Cost plus 32%

K. Net & Gear Maintenance. - $30.67

Boat crew is responsible for clean‐up. If Port Employees are required to clean up area, the boat account will be billed at the established hourly labor rate + garbage disposal rate (7‐Day Max)

L. Water,  City rate + % Fee 7.50%

M. Parking - Reserved for future use

N. Disposal Fees.

1. Recycle Fees - $3.27

Includes bilge water, anti freeze, fuels, and oil

2. Net Disposal and/or Related Gear, per pound $0.29

3. Garbage, Per tote, Minimum charge: $100

O. Truck Toll, per axle - $8.63

Vehicles with a Commercial Motor Vehicle Classification of Class 6 Or higher (GVWR of 19,501 lbs or above)