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Meetings Archive 2017

2017.12.19 RM _ XS Agenda.pdf2017.12.19 RM _ XS MEETING PACKET.pdf2017.12.19 Minutes RM _ XS signed.pdf

2017.12.19 Audio

2017.12.15 WS _ XS Agenda.pdf2017.12.15 WS MEETING PACKET.pdf2017.12.15 Minutes WS _ XS signed.pdf2017.11.28 RM Agenda.pdf2017.11.28 MEETING PACKET.pdf2017.11.28 MEETING PACKET ADDENDUM.pdf2017.11.28 Minutes RM signed.pdf

2017.11.28 Audio

2017.11.08 WS Agenda.pdf2017.11.08 WS MEETING PACKET.pdf2017.11.08 Minutes WS signed.pdf2017.11.06 RM CFUGC Agenda.pdf2017.11.06 RM CFUG MEETING PACKET.pdf2017.11.06 CFUG RM Minutes Signed.pdf2017.10.30 RM Agenda.pdf2017.10.30 RM MEETING PACKET.pdf2017.10.30 RM MEETING PACKET ADDENDUM.pdf2017.10.30 Minutes RM signed.pdf2017.10.18 WS Agenda.pdf2017.10.18 WS MEETING PACKET.pdf2017.10.18 Meeting Packet Addendum.pdf2017.10.18 Minutes WS signed.pdf2017.10.03 WS Agenda.pdf2017.10.03 MEETING PACKET.pdf2017.10.03 MEETING PACKET ADDENDUM addional questions.pdf2017.10.03 Minutes WS signed.pdf2017.09.26 WS Agenda.pdf2017.09.26 WS MEETING PACKET.pdf2017.09.26 Minutes WS signed.pdf2017.09.26 RM Agenda.pdf2017.09.26 RM MEETING PACKET.pdf2017.09.26 RM Agenda_1.pdf2017.09.26 RM MEETING PACKET Supplement with Revised Agenda.pdf2017.09.26 Minutes RM signed.pdf2017.09.06 CFUG RM Agenda2017.09.06 CFUG RM Meeting Packet2017.09.06 CFUG RM Minutes Signed.pdf2017.08.25 Joint Commission _ City Council Agenda.pdf2017.08.25 Joint WS - City Minutes.pdf2017.08.25 Minutes Joint Commission _ City Council signed.pdf2017.08.22 WS Agenda.pdf2017.08.22 WS MEETING PACKET.pdf2017.08.22 Minutes WS signed.pdf2017.08.22 RM Agenda.pdf2017.08.22 RM MEETING PACKET.pdf2017.08.22 Draft Contract Bretz IGM.pdf2017.08.22 Minutes RM signed.pdf2017.08.09 SM.XS.pdf2017.08.09 Minutes SM _ XS signed.pdf2017.08.07 SM.XS.pdf2017.08.07 Minutes SM _ XS signed.pdf2017.07.31 SM Agenda.pdf2017.07.31 SM _ EXEC SESS MEETING PACKET.pdf2017.07.31 Minutes SM _ XS signed.pdf2017.07.25 RM Agenda.pdf2017.07.25 MEETING PACKET.pdf2017.07.25 Meeting Packet Addendum Old Business.pdf2017.07.25 Meeting Packet Addendum Beckett Report2017.07.25 Addendum Presentations.pdf2017.07.25 Minutes RM signed.pdf2017.07.25 SM Agenda_1.pdf2017.07.25 Minutes SM _ XS signed.pdf2017.07.19 SM.XS.pdf2017.07.19 SM.XS MEETING PACKET.pdf2017.07.19 Minutes SM _ Exec Sess signed.pdf2017.07.10 RM CFUG Agenda.pdf2017.07.10 MEETING PACKET.pdf2017.06.27 SM Agenda.pdf2017.06.27 SPECIAL MEETING PACKET.pdf2017.06.27 Letter from Evan Hall2017.06.27 Letter from Annabelle Morgan2017.06.27 Letter LeaseAnalysis MWT.pdf2017.06.27 Pelletier in Support of International Terminal Shipping.pdf2017.06.27 email Patrick-Joling to Beck0001.pdf2017.06.27 Minutes SM signed.pdf2017.06.27 RM Agenda.pdf2017.06.27 RM MEETING PACKET.pdf2017.06.27 NOAA Celebration Flyer.pdf2017.06.27 Minutes RM signed.pdf2017.06.09 TUG Agenda.pdf2017.06.09 TUG MEETING PACKET.pdf2017.06.09 DJ Analysis for NIT.pdf2017.06.09 TUG Minutes (draft).pdf2017.06.02 TUG Agenda.pdf2017.06.02 MEETING PACKET.pdf2017.06.02 Minutes (draft).pdf2017.05.23 WS Agenda.pdf2017.05.23 SM OSU MSI Master Plan2017.05.23 Letter regarding MSI.pdf2017.05.23 Minutes WS signed.pdf2017.05.23 RM Agenda.pdf2017.05.23 MEETING PACKET.pdf2017.05.23 Minutes RM signed.pdf2017.05.09 2017-18 BUDGET MEETING AGENDA.pdf2017.05.09 2017-18 BUDGET MEETING PACKET.pdf2017.05.08 MEETING PACKET.pdf2017.05.08 CFUG Meeting Packet Addendum2017.05.08 CFUG RM Minutes signed.pdf2017.04.25 RM Agenda.pdf2017.04.25 MEETING PACKET.pdf2017.04.25 RM MEETING PACKET addendum.pdf2017.04.25. Minutes RM signed.pdf2017.04.24 SM Agenda.pdf2017.04.24 SM MEETING PACKET.pdf2017.04.24 Minutes SM signed.pdf2017.04.04 BUDGET PRIORITIES MEETING PACKET.pdf2017.04.04 Minutes WS signed Budget Priorities.pdf2017.03.28 RM Agenda.pdf2017.03.28 RM MEETING PACKET.pdf2017.03.28 Minutes RM signed.pdf2017.03.28 SM Agenda.pdf2017.03.28 SM MEETING PACKET.pdf2017.03.28 Minutes WS signed Greater Newport Vision 2040.pdf2017.03.17 SM Agenda.pdf2017.03.17 SM MEETING PACKET.pdf2017.03.17 Meeting Packet Supplement.pdf2017.03.17 Minutes SM signed.pdf2017.03.13 RM CFUGC Agenda.pdf2017.03.13 RM CFUGC MEETING PACKET.pdf2017.03.13 CFUG RM Minutes signed.pdf2017.02.28 RM Agenda.pdf2017.02.28 RM MEETING PACKET.pdf2017.02.28 Meeting Packet Addendum re Cameras.pdf2017.02.28 Minutes RM signed.pdf2017.02.17- Agenda - Joint Work Session with Port of Newport.pdf2017.02.17 Minutes Joint Commission _ City Council signed.pdf2017.02.13 CFUGC Agenda.pdf2017.02.13 Meeting Packet.pdf2017.02.13 CFUG RM Minutes signed.pdf2017.01.24 SM Agenda.pdf2017.01.24 SM MEETING PACKET.pdf2017.01.24 Goals sorted by category.pdf2017.01.24 Minutes SM signed.pdf2017.01.24 RM Agenda.pdf2017.01.24 MEETING PACKET.pdf2017.01.24 Minutes RM signed.pdf