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Meetings Archive 2016

00.2016.12.20 RM Agenda.pdf2016.12.20 MEETING PACKET.R.pdf2016.12.20 RM Minutes signed.pdf2016.12.20 SM Agenda.pdf2016.12.20 WS MEETING PACKET.pdf2016.12.20 SM Minutes signed.pdf2016.11.15 RM Agenda.pdf2016.11.15 RM MEETING PACKET.r.pdfAddendum 16.11.15 LOS EPA Brownfields Assessment Grant Application.docx.pdf2016.11.15 RM Minutes signed.pdf000.a.2016.11.05 WS Agenda.pdf2016.11.05 GOAL SETTING BINDER _ MEETING PACKET.pdf2016.11.05 Goal Setting WS Minutes signed.pdf2016.10.18 RM Agenda.pdf2016.10.18 REGULAR MEETING PACKET.pdf2016.10.18 RM Minutes signed.pdf2016.10.18 WS Agenda.pdf2016.10.18 WORK SESSION MEETING PACKET.pdf2016.10.18 WS Minutes signed.pdf2016.10.18 WS Minutes signed_1.pdf00. 2016.09.27 RM Agenda.pdf2016.09.27 REGULAR MEETING PACKET.pdfAddendum Ledingham Appeal Packet.pdf2016.09.27 RM Minutes signed.pdf2016.09.27 SM Agenda.pdf2016.09.27 SPECIAL MEETING PACKET.pdf2016.09.27 SM Minutes signed.pdf00.2016.08.23 RM Agenda.pdf2016.08.23 REGULAR MEETING PACKET.pdf2016.08.23 RM Minutes signed.pdf00.2016.07.26 RM Agenda.pdf2016.07.26 RM MEETING PACKET.pdf2016.07.26 RM Minutes signed.pdf2016.07.26 SM Agenda Mural.pdf2016.07.26 SM MEETING PACKET.pdf2016.07.26 SM Minutes signed.pdf2016.06.21 RM Agenda.pdf2016.06.21 RM MEETING PACKET.pdf2016.06.21 RM Minutes signed.pdf2016.06.21 SM Agenda Vacancy.pdf16.06.21 SM.pdf2016.06.21 SM Minutes signed.pdfAddendum.MTC support letter for Jeff Lackey Port of Newport.pdf00.2016.05.24 RM Agenda.pdf2016.05.24 MEETING PACKET.pdf2016.05.24 RM Minutes signed.pdf02.2016-17 BUDGET MEETING AGENDA.pdf2016.05.10 BUDGET COMMITTEE MEETING PACKET.pdf2016.05.10 SM and WS Agenda.pdf2016.05.10 SM AND WS MEETING PACKET.pdf2016.05.10 SM _ WSMinutes signed.pdf2016.05.10 BC Minutes signed.pdf2016.04.26 RM Agenda Revised.pdf2016.04.26 RM MEETING PACKET reduced size.pdf2016.04.26 RM MEETING PACKET Addendum VI.e.pdf2016.04.26 RM Minutes signed.pdf2016.04.26 WS Agenda.pdf2016.04.26 WS MEETING PACKET.pdf2016.04.26 WS Minutes signed.pdf000.16 04 05 Agenda - Budget Priority Work Session.pdfMEETING PACKET BUDGET WORKSHOP 2016.04.05.pdf2016.04.05 Budget Priorities WS Minutes signed.pdf00.2016.03.22 RM Agenda.pdf2016.03.22 RM MEETING PACKET.pdf2016.03.22 RM Minutes signed.pdf2016.03.22 WS Agenda.pdf2016.03.22 WS MEETING PACKET.pdf2016.03.22 WS Minutes signed.pdf00.16.02.16 RM Agenda.pdf2016.02.16 MEETINGPACKET RM.pdf2016.02.16 RM Minutes signed.pdf000.16.02.16 WS Agenda.pdf2016.02.16 MEETINGPACKET WS.pdf2016.02.16 WS Minutes signed.pdfVolunteer Service Handbook approved 2016.02.16.pdf16.01.26 RM Agenda.pdf2016.01.26 MEETING PACKET.pdf2016.01.26 RM Minutes signed.pdf2016.01.26 RM Addendum -Chelsea Rose