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Meetings Archive 2014

2014.12.23 SM Agenda.pdf2014.12.23 SM Meeting Packet2014.12.23 SM Minutes.pdf2014.12.16 RM Agenda.pdf2014.12.16 Commission Meeting Packet _ Agenda.pdf2014.12.16 RM Minutes.pdf2014.12.09 WS Agenda.pdf2014.12.09 WS Meeting Packet.pdf2014.12.09 SM Minutes.pdf2014.11.25 RM Agenda.pdf2014.11.25 RM Meeting Packet.pdf2014.11.25 RM Minutes.pdf2014.11.20 SM Agenda.pdf2014.11.20 SM Minutes.pdf2014.11.03 SM Agenda.pdf2014.11.03 PON Administrative Building CM-GC RFP Meeting Packet.pdf2014.11.03 SM Minutes_1.pdf2014.11.03 SM Minutes.pdf2014.10.30 Agenda for Joint Workshop Meeting with Port of Newport (2).pdf2014.10.30 WS PON-POT Joint Mtg.pdf2014.10.28RM Agenda.pdf2014.10.28 RM Commission Meeting Packet.pdf2014.10.28 RM Minutes.pdf2014.10.23 WS Agenda.pdf2014.10.23 WS Commision Packet.pdf2014.10.23 WS Admin Minutes Signed.pdf2014.10.14 Admin Building Findings for Alternate Contracting Method.pdf2014.09.23 RM Agenda.pdf2014.09.23 RM Commission Meeting Packet.pdf2014.09.23 RM Minutes.pdf2014.08.26 RM Agenda.pdf2014.08.26 Economic Analysis Impact to Lincoln County Family Forest Owners.pdf2014.08.26 Commission Meeting Packet.pdf2014.08.26 RM Minutes.pdf2014.07.22 RM Agenda.pdf2014.07.22 Commission Meeting Packet.pdf2014.07.22 RM Minutes.pdf2014.07.15 SM Agenda.pdf2014.07.15 WS Meeting Packet_1.pdf2014.07.15 WS Meeting Packet.pdf2014.07.15 SM Minutes (2).pdf2014.07.15 SM Minutes.pdf2014.06.24 RM Meeting Packet.pdf2014.06 RM Commission Meeting Packet-Final.pdf2014.6.18 SB Marina Minutes.pdf2014.06.24 Port of Newport 2014-15 Budget.pdf2014.06.24 RM Minutes Final.pdf2014.05.30 SM Agenda.pdf2014.05.30 Commission Special Meeting Packet.pdf2014.05.30 SM Minutes.pdf2014.5.27 SB Marina Minutes.pdf14.05.22RM Agenda.pdf2014.05.22 Commission Meeting Packet-Revised.pdf2014.05.22 RM Minutes.pdf14.05.13BC Agenda.pdf2014.05.13 Port of Newport Agenda _ Budget 2014-2015 Final Packet.pdf2014.05.13 BC Minutes.pdf14.04.22 RM Agenda.pdf2014.04.22Final Packet.pdf2014.04.22 RM Meeting Minutes Signed.pdf2014.4.16 SB Marina Minutes.pdf2014.04.14 WS Agenda.pdf2014.04.14 WS Meeting Packet2014.04.14 WS Minutes.pdf14.04.08WS Agenda.pdf2014.04.08 Commission Packet.pdf2014.04.08 WS RM Minutes.pdf2014.03.25 RM Agenda.pdf2014.03.25 Commission Meeting Packet.pdf2014.03.25 RM Minutes.pdf2014.03.19 SB Marina Minutes.pdf14.03.11Agenda.pdf2014.03.11 Meeting Packet.pdf2014.03.11 WS RM _ Special Meeting Minutes.pdf2014.02.25 Regular Meeting Agenda.pdf2014.02.25 Regular Commission Meeting Packet.pdf2014.02.25 RM Minutes.pdf2014.02.25 Work Session Agenda.pdf2014.02.25 WS Minutes.pdf2014.01.28 RM Agenda.pdf2014.01.28 Commission Packet.pdf2014.01.28 Combined WS & RM Minutes.pdf2014.01.13 SM Agenda.pdf2014.01.13 SM Minutes.pdf