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The Port of Newport is located on the central Oregon coast in the City of Newport, Lincoln County seat and major business/economic hub of the area, and encompasses approximately 59 square miles and has an estimated population of 10,800 persons. Port boundaries reach north to Otter Rock, east up to six miles inland, south to Seal Rock, and west to the Pacific Ocean. Commercial and sport fishing, fish processing, shipping, tourism, recreation, and lumber and wood processing are the areaís major industries.


The Port of Newport Port Commission adopted the Fiscal Year 2015-16 budget at their June 23rd meeting via Res. No. 2015-10.


The Port Commission adopted Res. No. 2015-06 modifying rates, fees, and charges. Most fees will see a minor 3% increase to recover increases in port operating costs and will take effect July 1. South Beach charges (including moorage) will take effect on November 1.


Amec Foster Wheeler has distributed its draft EA comparing the three finalists for homeporting District 13's two new Fast Response Cutters. The Port has advocated being supportive of consideration and can now review the assessment to establish if it wishes to still be under consideration. The EA shows that the two FRCs would share the NOAA pier structure. NOAA has long-term plans to replace one of the two recently decomissioned vessels which would indicate a conflict with the current assessment.

"The Port is committed to ensuring that NOAA MOC is in no way jeopardized by the FRC homeport," Port of Newport General Manager Kevin Greenwood noted. "If it makes sense for NOAA to share its facility with another federal agency then the Port wants to support that decision. Our interest in gaining a new leasehold is not greater than jeopardizing the excellent relationship that Newport enjoys with NOAA."

Though the Port has expressed an interest in being considered as a homeport for the FRCs, it has reserved the right to pull its support as additional information is made public. "We're supportive of the opportunity until information is released that would make it a difficult fit for NOAA or the Newport community," Greenwood added.

According to the consultant's report, the Homeport would employ 24 crewmen per cutter and 20 administrative support staff. The Port has 4-acres of vacant land abutting the marine operation center zoned for the coast guard's use which would be approximately 1.5 acres.

Public comment on the draft EA was taken by the Erin Hale, AFW, through June 18th. The final EA should be distributed in July with a final 30-day comment period. She can be reached at Port Commission will discuss the matter at their June 23rd regular meeting.


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