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Portwide Rates and Fees

Effective July 1, 2021

A. Forklift

1. Small. Toyotas. (equipment only) - $14.70

2. Labor for Small Forklift - Established labor rate

Forklift and Labor have a 1/2 hour minimum, are billed in 1/2 increments the first hour, thereafter are billed in 15 minute increments (For Commercial Marina Only). For after hours work, travel time and/or overtime charges may apply.

B. Hoist Docks. Tie up fee, per hour. Includes use of hoist.

1. One hour minimum, up to 3hr - $45.25

2. After 3 hours - $54.10

C. Hoist Dock Cranes. In addition to hoist dock rate.

1. Large Capacity. Includes equipment and labor. Per Hour - $110.35

2. Launch Sail Boats. Includes recovery, per launch - $51.85

D. City Water. City rate + 7.50%

E. Electricity. Per day charge. One day minimum

1. 120v, not on Port Docks - $8.00

F. Service Fee Reimbursement. For electric pedestal amperage overloads, and GFCI trips (2 or more in a 60 day period) Emergency call out may also apply - $111.95

G. Pump/Line Service. Per Hour Includes one Port employee only. Additional staff required will be billed at the established hourly labor rate. - $96.75

H. Storage.

1. Emergency Storage Fee. Per day billed as guest. For vehicles, boats

1st day free. Each additional day - $33.10

2. Charge for improper use of parking lot (i.e. boat repair), per day - $26.50

I. Clean-up. Fees will be charged for each man-hour at the established labor rate. Equipment charges are extra.

1. Clean-up Fee, per hour + disposal fee Labor, established labor rate Garbage disposal fee, per lb. - $0.20

2. Spill Clean-up, per hour (HAZWOPER trained staff) - $112.55

J. Disposal Fees.

1. Just Oil, per gallon - $0.60

2. Oil-Water Mix, per gallon - $1.20

3. Net Disposal and/or Related Gear, per pound - $0.25

4. Garbage, per pound - $0.20

K. Port Labor. Includes all staff and fully burdened. Per hour, one hour minimum, in 15 minute increments.

1. Regular Hours - $62.70

2. Overtime. Any services required outside the established working hours, unless otherwise posted.  - $92.70

3. Emergency Call-out. Any services requiring a port employee not currently on duty to report to duty after hours, travel time to and from Port will be charged - $116.95

L. Pallet Charge. Any Port owned pallet leaving yard, per pallet - $7.20

M. Dredge Spoils. Includes state fees; (may be waived for public agencies) per Cubic Yard - $3.10

N. Truck Toll. Vehicles with a Commercial Motor Vehicle Classification of Class 6 Or higher (GVWR of 19,501 lbs or above), per axle - $7.40