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Portwide Rates and Fees

Effective July 1, 2021

Plan to sell your vessel?

Please notify the Port of Newport if you plan to sell your vessel. You are responsible for all moorage charges, even if you have sold your vessel, until the Port has been notified, and the new owner's Moorage License Agreement has been approved.

*Current MLA with the vessel does not guarantee a slip for the new owner of the vessel.* 

Please note no refunds will be processed until the Port receives the new owner's payment for moorage.


A. Forklift

1. Small. Toyotas. (equipment only) - $14.70

2. Labor for Small Forklift - Established labor rate

Forklift and Labor have a 1/2 hour minimum, are billed in 1/2 increments the first hour, thereafter are billed in 15 minute increments (For Commercial Marina Only). For after hours work, travel time and/or overtime charges may apply.

B. Hoist Docks. Tie up fee, per hour. Includes use of hoist.

1. One hour minimum, up to 3hr - $45.25

2. After 3 hours - $54.10

C. Hoist Dock Cranes. In addition to hoist dock rate.

1. Large Capacity. Includes equipment and labor. Per Hour - $110.35

2. Launch Sail Boats. Includes recovery, per launch - $51.85

D. City Water. City rate + 7.50%

E. Electricity. Per day charge. One day minimum

1. 120v, not on Port Docks - $8.00

F. Service Fee Reimbursement. For electric pedestal amperage overloads, and GFCI trips (2 or more in a 60 day period) Emergency call out may also apply - $111.95

G. Pump/Line Service. Per Hour Includes one Port employee only. Additional staff required will be billed at the established hourly labor rate. - $96.75

H. Storage.

1. Emergency Storage Fee. Per day billed as guest. For vehicles, boats

1st day free. Each additional day - $33.10

2. Charge for improper use of parking lot (i.e. boat repair), per day - $26.50

I. Clean-up. Fees will be charged for each man-hour at the established labor rate. Equipment charges are extra.

1. Clean-up Fee, per hour + disposal fee Labor, established labor rate Garbage disposal fee, per lb. - $0.20

2. Spill Clean-up, per hour (HAZWOPER trained staff) - $112.55

J. Disposal Fees.

1. Just Oil, per gallon - $0.60

2. Oil-Water Mix, per gallon - $1.20

3. Net Disposal and/or Related Gear, per pound - $0.25

4. Garbage, per pound - $0.20

K. Port Labor. Includes all staff and fully burdened. Per hour, one hour minimum, in 15 minute increments.

1. Regular Hours - $62.70

2. Overtime. Any services required outside the established working hours, unless otherwise posted.  - $92.70

3. Emergency Call-out. Any services requiring a port employee not currently on duty to report to duty after hours, travel time to and from Port will be charged - $116.95

L. Pallet Charge. Any Port owned pallet leaving yard, per pallet - $7.20

M. Dredge Spoils. Includes state fees; (may be waived for public agencies) per Cubic Yard - $3.10

N. Truck Toll. Vehicles with a Commercial Motor Vehicle Classification of Class 6 Or higher (GVWR of 19,501 lbs or above), per axle - $7.40